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I am the Principal of Vantax Chartered Accountants, a business that is dedicated to providing outstanding service to all clients, at an affordable price.

Vantax was established for a few reasons, but one of the key reasons was the desire to offer something different. After speaking to friends and family, it became clear that too often the accountant that they once knew no longer takes their phone calls and doesn’t respond to their emails or questions in a timely manner.  They rarely had any interaction with the accountant and they were sick of being passed off to the office junior.  They were no longer treated as a valued client.  Does this sound familiar to you?

Although I had great experiences working at the Australian Taxation Office (when GST first reared its head) and then at Deloitte in their corporate tax division, I kept hearing those same stories from disgruntled people.  I decided to step out and attempt to provide a better service to clients.  Vantax was borne in 2004 and we’ve not looked back.  I still enjoy phone calls with my earliest clients and am intent on not being “that accountant” who is no longer interested in their “old” clients.

With a degree in Economics, a Masters of Taxation and Chartered Accountant qualifications, and many years running Vantax, I am still as keen as I was back when it all began.  To top it off, I now have a great team working with me, and we aim to please. We don’t pretend to be all things to all people, so if we can’t help you ourselves, we will do our best to find and refer you to those that can. Our referral network includes financial planners, lawyers, finance  brokers and SMSF specialists. Feel free to contact me at any time and my team and I will  do our best to provide a service that you go away telling others about.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Troy Vander Noord
Vantax Chartered Accountants